A new ‘look’ for Greenstone


Greenstone – the most prolific New Zealand-owned producer of television programmes – launched new branding imagery in 2011. The company changed its name from Greenstone Pictures to Greenstone TV.   “When we acquired Cream Media in 2010, it gave us the opportunity to refresh our brand and the way we do business,” said Managing Director John Harris.

Changes included a new multi-coloured logo, and this website.   “But importantly,” says Harris, “we have refreshed our approach to our work, putting creativity at the centre of everything we do. Greenstone has a proven record of safe hands in a volatile and edgy industry.  With new imagery, we are challenging ourselves to aspire to even higher standards of creativity.”

The new brand was previewed at a function attended by key executives from TVNZ, TV3, Prime TV and Maori TV. Australian guests included Dan Meenan, Head of Factual for Australia’s Seven Network, for whom Greenstone makes top rating shows Highway Patrol and Crash Investigation Unit.