Motorway Patrol



Greenstone’s cult show MOTORWAY PATROL is back on our screens (TV2 Thursdays at 7.30pm) with Series 12, and it’s still as popular as ever. The first episode won the timeslot in nearly every demographic. In the key 18-39 age group it took a whopping 43.7% share of the audience. And it claimed 44.3% of household shoppers with children who were watching TV. “Viewers remain fascinated with the work of the Police officers out on the motorway, with all of its danger and surprises,” said Greenstone MD John Harris. “And we hope the show encourages drivers to take extra care on the roads, seeing the crazy antics that some of their fellow motorists get up to.” Harris said the popularity of Motorway Patrol was another reminder that Kiwis enjoyed well-made local programmes every bit as much as overseas shows.