Border Patrol/Coastwatch/Dog Squad/Motorway Patrol



Greenstone’s Dog Squad is back for a brand -new season – TVONE, Tuesday nights at 8.0pm. The series follows working dogs and their handlers on the frontline as they patrol our streets, communities, prisons, parks, airports and borders.

Border Patrol is back following the work of the New Zealand Customs Service and Ministry of Primary Industries. They are at the frontline of protecting the New Zealand border both on land and at sea.

Old favourite back onTV2, Motorway Patrol Thursdays at 8pm.

Also onTVOne at 7.30pm is another old favourite Coastwatch. Following Fishery Officers from The Ministry for Primary Industries, NZ Airforce and Navy personnel, and the Maritime Police, we get up close and personal to find out what’s involved in patrolling and enforcing the law that protects our coastlines, water-ways and billion dollar Kai-moana industries.