Awards for Documentaries

We’re proud of the fact that dozens of our documentaries have rated highly in prime time. Several have won major awards – which is a tribute to the participants, director and crew. We rely on their passion and commitment – and their patience, because a documentary can take between nine months and three years to complete.

50 Years of Television
  • Finalist, Afta Awards, 2011, Best Director Documentary (John Bates, Director)
Saving the World
  • Highly Commended, Media Peace Awards, 2007
Should I Live, Should I Die
  • Finalist, Media Peace Awards, 2005
Yellow for Hermaphrodite – Mani’s Story
  • Winner, Best Documentary, Qantas Media Awards 2004
The Hardest Decision
  • Highly Commended, Media Peace Awards, 2003
Last Laugh
  • Finalist, Best Maori Programme, AFTA Awards 2003
Stolen Memories
  • Finalist, Best Documentary, Qantas Media Awards, 2003
Whanau (with Tumanako Productions)
  • Best Maori programme, 2002 NZTV Awards. (Producer Catherine White)
  • Finalist, TV Awards, Best documentary, 2002
Back from the Dead – the Saga of the Rose Noelle
  • Winner, Best Documentary, 1997 TV Awards. (Producers John Harris and Mark Everton, Director Mark Beesley)
Cave Creek – The full story of a national tragedy
  • Winner, Best Documentary, 1998 TV Awards. (Producer Tony Manson, Director Juliet Monaghan)
To Hell and Back: Tanjas’ Story
  • Finalist, 2001 Qantas Media Awards
Private Lives of Little People
  • Co-winner, 1998 Media Peace Award. (Producer John Harris, Associate Producer Rachel Stace, Director Megan Jones)
Hudson & Halls
  • Winner Audience Awards, Best Documentary, Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival, 2001
Crump: A Wandering Star
  • Best Script, Finalist Best Director, 1999 TV Awards. (Producer Philippa Mossman, Director Michelle Bracey, Writer Colin Hogg)