Glenda Paterson

Financial Controller

Glenda Paterson is a Chartered Accountant who has specialised in film and TV for 20+ years. She has been looking after Greenstone’s financial interests for 18 of those years.

In the early days Glenda also freelanced to various production companies and was the founding Treasurer of Women In Film And Television (WIFT). Her film credits include Harry Sinclair’s Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, Toy Love and The Price Of Milk, Nikki Caro’s Memory & Desire, Scott Reynolds’ Heaven, Christine Parker’s Channelling Baby and Bob Swaim’s The Climb.

At the 2009 WIFT NZ awards, Glenda was announced as co-winner of the Unsung Heroines of the Screen Industry Award. “Glenda’s done a wonderful job at Greenstone,” MD John Harris said at the time, “keeping us stable in an industry where budgeting is so critical. We’re indebted to her – and I know she has also done a lot to help the wider industry.”

Glenda has overall responsibility for the finances of Greenstone’s large catalogue of shows.  She says she enjoys “the stimulation of working with great people in a non-accounting environment”, and looks forward to being part of the Greenstone team as it continues to evolve as one of the most prominent and respected production companies in NZ.