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Fighting the Demon

Fighting the Demon is an unflinching investigation from deep within the crisis, created by a team of investigative reporters from The N.Z. Herald who spent six months in communities ravaged… > more

Meet the interns

Greenstone is delighted to introduce our two new interns for 2019; Jamin Greenwood and Tom Irwin.  Already these young men are proving their worth working on the set of Kitchen… > more

The Cul de Sac Series 3

The long awaiting sequel to The Cul de Sac returns to screens Saturday 21st July at 6pm then binge On Demand for the whole 3 series

Tongue Tied

An outrageous new comedy for Maori TV 9pm Thursdays  

Motorway Patrol

Huge rating’s winner Motorway Patrol back on screens Thursday 8pm TVNZ2. See Motorway Patrol officers dealing with the crashed, the trashed and the smashed, the confused, amused and boozed –… > more

Highway Cops

Highway Cops – a world away from the city streets Popular Highway Cops returns to your screens 7.30pm Monday 11th June with all new episodes on TVNZ1

Happy Xmas

Best Wishes for 2018 from the team at Greenstone Greenstone is closed from 22nd December until 8th January Have a happy, safe and relaxing festive season

Young Ocean Explorers

Riley Hathaway, a young passionate ambassador for all things under-the-sea and her dad Steve made a video as a school project talking about how discarded plastic was hurting turtles. The… > more