Three colourful decades of change, telling our stories from the inside out

Decades in Colour

3 episodes x 60mins | Prime TV

An iconic New Zealand series, presented by the most iconic of New Zealanders, Judy Bailey, Decades In Colour is a vibrant and evocative documentary series travelling through three colourful decades of change and telling our stories from the inside out.

THANK YOU to everyone – over 800 of you – who contributed footage and shared your stories. And thanks to NZ On Air for making this unique project possible.

Evolving from a nationwide search for home-shot colour footage, this NZ on Air Platinum funded series is a tapestry and a hidden history of the way we lived as ordinary Kiwis in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

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“Kiwi home movies give a glimpse of 30 years of massive social change”

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