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Riley Hathaway, a young passionate ambassador for all things under-the-sea and her dad Steve made a video as a school project talking about how discarded plastic was hurting turtles.

The reaction from kids at school was so great that they were inspired to make a series of videos about different creatures, how wonderful they are and why we need to protect them and their environment.

Teaming up with Greenstone to make this interactive documentary was their next step in the journey and they hope to touch more kids and give them a sense of ownership of the journey.

We had fantastic support from NZ On Air on this project – invaluable. Their contribution to NZ children’s content is vital to continuing to have Kiwi accents and locations and stories being made.   Check out the exploration of a world capturing children’s imagination through great story-telling, bringing the beauty, awe and fascinating of the ocean and its inhabitants alive. All photos credit Richard Robinson

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“I can honestly say that the level of conversation that the Young Ocean Explorers material evokes is astounding.”

Year 2 teacher published in Gazette NC

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