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Here’s an opportunity to be amazed and awed by the sheer volume and variety of shows Greenstone has produced since 1994! If you know the title of the show you’re looking for, you can search alphabetically.

If you want to get an overview of Greenstone’s huge catalogue of shows, spin through this list! There are heavyweight factual series and observational series, documentaries, entertainment, studio, history series and more …


10 Years Younger

Opinionated housewives, fitness fanatics, single mothers, builders and painters and even willful grannies in 10 Years Younger.


50 Years of Television

This is the story of how television in New Zealand developed……..


A Drinking Problem

Former party girl and now teetotaller Kerre Woodham investigates why New Zealand women are drinking more than ever before.


A Flock of Students

A quirky, wildlife-documentary style look at student life in Dunedin, New Zealand’s old and characterful university city.


Across the Ditch

Unsuspecting Kiwis are whisked off to Australia for outrageous challenges.


Adventures in Wonderland

A busload of young tourists travel NZ looking for adventure and romance.

Against the Odds

Against the Odds

Inspirational tales about ordinary people who survived terrible ordeals through courage, spirit and resourcefulness.



This documentary is an examination of the lives of people born with albinism.


Amazing Extraordinary Friends

Teenager Ben Wilson finds a mysterious emblem, which transforms him into super hero Captain Extraordinary, at the bottom of a river – that’s when his troubles begin…


Amazing Kids

Tomorrow’s stars in sport, music, science.


As Busy as Aunty Bea

Rotorua’s ‘Tina Tuna’ – teacher, songwriter, entertainer, fundraiser, Maori warden and mother to anyone who needs her….


Ask Your Auntie

Hosted by Ella Henry, a panel of Maori women give advice on a wide range of curly questions sent in by viewers.

Auction House

Auction House

A mix of colourful characters, antiques roadshows and behind-the-scenes stories about art, artefacts and antiques going under the hammer.

Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte is a timely and intimate illustration of the meningitis debate. Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman had all four limbs amputated aged 6 months. This is her story.


Baby Keegan

Baby Keegan was born with a rare and life-threatening condition that gives him a strangely-shaped head…


Back from the Dead

Drifting for 119 days in an upturned trimaran.

Beat Squad

Beat Squad

An exciting factual series that features behind-the scenes access to New Zealand community police officers as they protect neighbourhoods from crime.



A transsexual struggles to survive in jail. (Short film) Winner, Regensburg Short Film Festival 1999.


Ben & Olivia

Two young friends go missing, and a young boatie is imprisoned.


Best of the Zoo

Favourite stories from Greenstone’s classic family “The Zoo” Series 1 – 4.