Momentum celebrates the stories behind New Zealand’s best business ideas in this 13 half hour business series made for TV One.

Whether it’s in the field of biotechnology, the marine industry or film, we are making our mark both here and internationally. New Zealander’s have always loved adapting, improving and inventing. The mystery for many of us is how to turn these ideas into viable business options. Momentum will tell the stories of those innovators who are doing just that and making millions in the process.

Amongst the business stories profiled on Momentum each week are ground breaking graphics company, Animation Research Limited, Christchurch advertising agency Time Zone One who has turned location into a competitive advantage and Kiwi Vodka company, 42 Below, now exporting its product to the world.

Fronted by Anna Thomas (ex Fair Go) and former business journalist and stockbroker come vineyard owner, Paul Davenport, Momentum also examines recent business trends such as incubators and angel investors and test drives the very latest in gadget essentials for the home and office. 


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Production Details

Producer: Sarah Kinniburgh

Exec producers: Nigel Snowden, Derek Stuart

Network exec: Carolyne Meng-Yee

Directors: David Crerar, Jeremy Dillon, Paul Dodge

Researcher: Jennifer Dell

Editor: Glen Molesworth

Production managers: Philippa Hall, Odile Simkin

Production coordinator: Melanie Webber

Production assistant: Wendy Tetley

Camera: Tony Barnes, Mark Chamberlin, Paul Clark

Sound: Tim Jacobsen, Andrew Lovrin, Brian Shennan, Andy Thomas

Presenters: Anna Thomas and Paul Davenport

Funded by: TVNZ