Animals & Us

Some of our most popular programmes deal with the fragile relationship between humans and animals – whether in the wild (like Who’s Killing The Kiwi), or at a zoo (The Zoo), a mixture of both (Wild Vets), on the farm (Godzone Sheep) or extinct (The Mighty Moa).


Best of the Zoo

Favourite stories from Greenstone’s classic family “The Zoo” Series 1 – 4.


Godzone Sheep

A whimsical tribute to sheep in NZ culture.


The Mighty Moa

The mystery of a giant bird which roamed NZ……


Two by two at the Zoo

Favourite stories from Greenstone’s classic family documentary series The Zoo


Who's Killing the Kiwi

The fight to save NZ’s national icon.


Zoo Babies

Behind the cute and fluffy faces at the zoo – a battle to stop species sliding into extinction.


Zoo Babies 2: Raising Baby Iwani

Baby Iwani, the Siamang Gibbon, was rejected by his mother and ‘adopted’ by zoo keeper Christine Tintinger.


Zoo: This is your Life

The Zoo – This is Your Life celebrates the lives of five very special animal characters at Auckland Zoo.