Best of the Zoo


Favourite stories from Greenstone’s classic family The Zoo  Series 1 – 4 including Luka the chimpanzee who upsets his whole family and serval sisters Izazi and Mazimba give a potential mate a hard time.

The sealions move to a flash new pool and keepers try to round up the roaming tamarind monkeys. Weird and wonderful creepy crawlies starring weta, tarantulas chameleons and tuatara. Keepers deal with the bad habits of the Zoo’s orangutans and two very shy golden cats are introduced to each other. Meerkats, elephants and sealions test out new enrichment toys and Larry the Camel undergoes an emergency operation.


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Production Details

Producer: Andrea Lamb

Thanks to: Staff & animals of Auckland Zoo

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Director: Andrea Lamb

Researcher: Kim Willis

Script editor: Colin Hogg

Script writers: Kathryn Moore & Leigh Hart

Editors: Mark Coomey, Christine Munro

Production manager: Karren Woolly

Camera: Tony Burrows, Bretton Richards

Sound: Trish Armstrong, Malcolm Cromie, John McNicholas

Narrator: Greg Johnson

Original music: Steve Robinson

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ