Godzone Sheep


New Zealand is renowned for being the home of nearly 40 million sheep, and over the past 25 years there have been numerous TV programmes about sheep farmers and rural life. But until now a documentary has never really looked at sheep as part of New Zealand’s identity and culture. Sheep have attracted the attention of artists, comedians, writers, filmmakers, songwriters, poets and tourists … and GODZONE SHEEP is a fond look at sheep … and humans.

Included in the programme are brief excerpts from filmmakers Peter Jackson (Bad Taste) and Costa Botes (“Lamb of God”) artist Dick Frizzell (“Cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb”) musician Chris Know (‘Sheep’ by Toy Love), sculptor Michael Parekowhai (“Lamentations”) columnist Colin Hogg, and playwright David Geary (“The Learner’s Stand”).

The documentary includes a tribute to New Zealand’s celebrity shearer, the late Godfrey Bowen, and an excerpt from the long-running series A Dog’s Show, whose commentator John Gordon suggests the show was a mixtures of “pathos and black comedy”.



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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Network exec: Tom Finlayson

Director: Seth Keen

Researchers: Anne Bailey, Scott Young, Seth Keen

Editor: Steve Mountjoy

Offline Editor: Peter Roberts

Production manager: Mandy Harris

Production assistant: Erina Tamepo

Runner: Lee Madigan

DOP: Nic Finlayson

Camera: Barrington West, John Ramsay, Craig Wright

Sound: John Cathcart, Barrie Lay

Stills: Simon Young

Music Engineer: Elmer Reitsma

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ  & NZ On Air