Two by two at the Zoo


Favourite stories from Greenstone’s classic family documentary series The Zoo are re-edited and packaged in pairs in Two by Two at the Zoo. 

The pitter patter of Red Panda babies and treating Kashin the tenderfoot elephant. Sore-heads and celebrations at the rhino enclosure and old age catches up with the Tea Party Chimps.  Success for the kiwi breeding programme and the arrival of Kura the cub turns Lion Hill upside down. Emergency care for Siamang Gibbon twin babies and novel ways to entertain a tiger.  Iwani the young Siamang Gibbon is reunited with his family and heavyweight problems when the hippos change homes.

10 x half hour family documentary.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Series producer: Andrea Lamb

Thanks to: The staff & animals at Auckland Zoo

Exec producer: John Harris

Compilation network exec: Kathryn Graham

Series director: Andrea Lamb

Compilation director/writer: Mark Everton

Researcher: Kim Willis

Script editor: Colin Hogg

Compilation offline editor: Irena Dol

Offline editors: Olin Turrall, Bill Haigh, Adam Baines, Hamish Hill

Online editor: Hamish Hill

Compilation production managers: Peter Clews, Karren Woolly

Production assistant: Emilie Stevenson

Audio post production: Terry Murphy

Camera: Paul Clark, Tony Burrows, Mark Potter, Bretton Richads, Ian Beale, Jeff Cameron

Sound: Andy Thomas, Trish Armstrong, Malcolm Cromie, Jan McKinlay, Andy Thomas

Narrator: Mike Hall

Music: Steve Robinson

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ