Who’s Killing the Kiwi


Who’s Killing the Kiwi? is a TV documentary which examines the plight of New Zealand’s national symbol, the kiwi. The programme is part natural history, part investigative journalism.

Its title alludes to the fact that each day in this ‘clean, green, conservation-minded’ country … kiwis are dying. They are being slaughtered by dogs, possums, cats, cars, ferrets, pigs, poisoned bait, gin-traps, guns … as well as (unwittingly) by farmers and tourists.

Producer John Harris: “The nation which laments the fact that the moa was wiped out is committing the same crime against the kiwi. But there is still a lot we can do to make sure the kiwi survives and begins to thrive again.”

Who’s Killing the Kiwi? looks at:

* The extent of the problem: the grim reality of the fast-diminishing kiwi population. Some experts claim the bird will be extinct on the mainland in 15 years

* Public apathy, lack of Government funding and individual acts of carelessness and greed which are contributing to the kiwi’s demise.

* The small bands of enthusiasts in various outposts around New Zealand who are fighting a desperate rearguard action to save the kiwi.

* The drastic action which needs to be taken now to prevent the kiwi following in the footsteps of its late lamented cousin, the moa.

*  New facts about this unusual bird.

John Harris: “There is a war going on out there, away from the public spotlight, in the valleys and forests of New Zealand. The kiwi is being killed off, and a small band of dedicated ‘soldiers’ – DoC workers, and volunteers – are fighting to save it. But they need public support – and our aim is to alert human Kiwis that their animal namesake needs their help. People involved in the BNZ recovery programme are already doing a lot – and we hope our documentary will inspire more New Zealanders to get involved.”



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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Thanks to: Bank of New Zealand, major contributor to the Kiwi Recovery Programme

Network Executive: Geoff Steven

Director: Haunui Royal

Series Liaison: Kathy Sunderland

Writer/Researcher: Jo Webster

Offline Editor: Nicola Smith

Online Editor: Rick Williams

Production manager: Cathy White

Production assistant: Mandy Harris

Camera: Swami Hansa

Additional Camera: Nic Finlayson, John Ramsay

Sound: John Patrick

Additional Sound: Andrew Lovrin

Narrator: Jeffrey Thomas

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3 & NZ On Air