My Kainga, My Castle


My Kainga, My Castle – when he went to school, entertainer Sir Howard Morrison loved the stories of English castles and knights.

In this documentary he introduces some of his favorite tales of chivalry, love and war – but from much closer to home.  They are the treasured legends of his tribe, Te Arawa – including the famous Hinemoa love story.

The people of Te Arawa assisted in making this documentary, giving the documentary makers access to the famous Tamatekapua meeting house on the shores of Lake Rotorua, and taking part in the re-enactment of a legendary battle scene.  (Tamatekapua is named after one of Arawa’s great ancestors, the captain of the canoe which brought the iwi from Hawiiki to Aotearoa.)  The word kainga means home.

Producer John Harris: “This has been one of the most demanding and rewarding documentaries we have ever made. It’s not a traditional documentary which is built around interviews and observational footage.  A lot of time was spent in re-enacting historical scenes including a fight between two war parties, and the famous love story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai”.

The documentary is directed and written by Paul Gittins, the presenter and one of the directors on the Epitaph series.


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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Presenter: Sir Howard Morrison

Thanks to: The people of Te Arawa

Exec producer: Geoff Steven

Director/Writer: Paul Gittins

1st assistant director: Mandy Harris

Historical Consultants: Don Stafford, Te Pere Curtis, Mauriora Kingi

Researchers: Jane Reeves, Paul Gittins

Art Dept: Emma Muir, Sacha Keating, Robert Rika

Graphics: Louise Hyman

Online Editor:  Adam Baines

Offline Editor: Anthony Muru

Production manager: Megan Douglas

Production coordinator: Catherine White

Production assistant: Kim Muriwai

Production runner: Janine Muriwai

DOP: John Ramsay

Camera assist: Garth Merrylees

Sound: Dave Hurley

Sound Mix: Graham Wallace

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV1, Te Mangai Paho & NZ On Air