This long-term documentary project “Whanau” follows the lives of four Maori children born in the year 2000.  This first installment is two x one-hour documentaries screened with the Inside New Zealand strand.  These documentaries are a co-production between Greenstone Pictures and Tumanako Productions.

Many of the experiences of parenthood are universal.  But these documentaries also explore some of the issues unique to Maori in this new millennium;

What does it mean to be Maori today?

Can traditional Maori values be reconciled with the demands of the modern world?  How does an urban-based whanau maintain links with their tribal areas?

How important is Maori language to their child?

Will these children enjoy the same opportunities as their non-Maori contemporaries?

These families share their hopes, fears and expectations for these children, and discuss how they look forward to building positive futures for the generations to come.

The children in this documentary are Koare Hudson, Uenukukopako Angus, KaHana Glassie and Pianika Orsmby. We will follow these children as they grow, finding their place in the world and discovering what it is to be Maori in the twenty-first century.



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Production Details

Producer - Greenstone: Catherine White

Thanks to: The families involved

Exec producer: John Harris, Kay Ellmers, Tony Manson

Director - Tumanako: Kay Ellmers

Kaumatua: Kingi Taurua

Script Polisher: Paul Hagan

Writer: Kay Ellmers

Online Editor: Steve Mountjoy

Offline Editor: Bill Toepfer

Production team: Mandy Harris, Karen Sidney, Albert Beiz

D.O.P: Deb Faith

Sound: Brebt Iremonger, Mike McCree, Wendy Adams, Eugene Arts, Dave Hurley

Narrator: Rachel House

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3