Lost at Sea


New Zealanders love the sea.  It’s the playground that surrounds us.  However, we constantly underestimate the power of the sea and overestimate our ability to handle it. Sometimes with tragic results.

The aim of ‘Do or Die: Lost at Sea’ is for viewers to learn from the real experiences of people who have been lost at sea.  The programme takes eight survivors from four different boating calamities back on the water for a weekend under the watchful eye of maritime expert, Keith Ingram. Over the two days the survivors tell their incredible stories and Keith puts them through a series of practical exercises designed around their experiences and they learn vital new survival skills.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Producer: Andrea Lamb

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Carolyne Meng-Yee

Writer/Director: Peter Bell

Researcher: Alex Reed

Online editor: Irena Dol

Editor: Daniel Haberdank

Production manager: Chris Erson

Production coordinator: Ruth Clarkson

Production assistant: Karen Bunting

Camera: Paul Clark, Tony Burrows

Sound: Ant Nevison

Narrator: Francesca Rudkin

Graphics: Eamon Doyle

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson, Jeanette Wiles-Cromie

Funded by: TVNZ