Lost in the Bush


Every year over 500 search and rescue operations are launched to find people lost in the New Zealand bush.  Last year 28 of those who lost their way, also lost their lives.  Six lucky survivors: John and Matt Painting, Laura Ross, Amy Cooper, Keith Reynolds and Kevin Steger go back into the bush to share their stories.  Through interview, re-enactments and archive footage of their rescue we tell their dramatic stories.  Over the course of the weekend; Mike Spray a bush instructor, a National Park Ranger and a member of the NZ Search and Rescue Organisation shares with the survivors his knowledge and practical skills on the following: navigation, building a shelter, how to safely cross a river, pack floating, building a fire, collecting food from the bush, which water is safe to drink and how to leave a trail so that searchers can find you. 

International Search and Rescue Consultant, Ross Gordon profiles each of our survivors cases and comments on what they did wrong, what they could have done better and tells us how people react and cope with these type of life and death situations in Do or Die: Lost in the Bush.



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Production Details

Producer: Andrea Lamb

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director: Peter Bell

Researcher: Alex Reed

Writer: Peter Bell

Editor: Margaret Kelly

Online editors: Norm Skipp, Greg Moore

Sound mix: Simon Weir

Production manager: Emilie Stevenson

Production coordinator: Kylie Henderson

Camera: Terry Parker, Tony Burrows, Paul Clark, Graham Ritchie

Sound: Mike McCree, Tim Brott

Narrator: Francesca Rudkin

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: N.Z. On Air, TVNZ