History Man


New Zealand’s only household-name historian, Michael King, agreed to take part in a documentary about his life and work. He told writer/producer Colin Hogg and director John Carlaw that he was curious about his curiosity. “My mind has been bursting with ideas,” he said in one email about the project.

Sadly, only a matter of weeks later and before work on the documentary could even begin, King and his wife, Maria Jungowska, were both killed in a road crash. King had only just survived a throat cancer that had threatened to take his life. The country was stunned at the shock of his death .

Over more than three decades, King had become one of our most beloved writers – that insatiable curiosity of his feeding New Zealand an extraordinary run of books about us and our past. His latest, The Penguin History of New Zealand, is a publishing sensation, knocking the usual book-chart-topping sports biographies and cookery volumes flying with its runaway popularity, which has seen its sales recently top the 100,000 mark.

History Man is a feature-length documentary which takes a journey through the life and work of Michael King.


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Production Details

Producer: Colin Hogg

Thanks to: Jonathan King, Rachael King, Lewis King

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Jude Callen, Philippa Mossman

Director: John Carlaw

Researcher: Louise Callan

Editor: Margaret Kelly

Online editor: Jessica Fallar

Production manager: Nikki Baigent

Production assistant: Michele Herron

Camera: Grant Atkinson, Warren Bradshaw, Paul Richards

DOP: Rewa Harre

Sound: Adam Martin, Craig Mullis, Dave Hurley

Narrator: Colin Hogg

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ