Saving the World


Self-made maverick millionaire Ray Avery features in this documentary “Saving the World” which screened on TVOne as part of the Extraordinary Kiwis series. Ray – since knighted for his work – is a man with a passion to change the world. He talks with stunning honesty about his horrific childhood – which now motivates him to run Medicine Mondiale, finding simple medical solutions for health problems in the developing world.  Medicine Mondiale is based from his home – no high infrastructure costs here – and his garage has been converted into a high tech lab. Here Ray tinkers away designing and developing simple medical solutions to the many health problems in the developing world

Using his contacts, and charisma he enlists the help of other scientists and experts to work on specific projects with him. New Zealand companies support him, and somehow everyone finds themselves donating their time and knowledge for free – but they are rewarded by making a difference.

Ray dragged himself up by the bootstraps, from a childhood in orphanages and on the streets of London to become a scientist, businessman and self made millionaire when still in his 20s.


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Production Details

First Screened: 23 June 2007

Producer: Sophie Dungate

Thanks to: Ray Avery

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Jude Callen

Director: Jenny Williams

Online editor: Brenton Cumberpatch

Offline editor: Franki Ashiruka-Brukner

Production manager: Talia Goodger

Location assistants: Laura Hare, Holly Miller

Camera: Andy Martin

Graphics: Images Post

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand On Air and TVNZ