Scandals: Stories from the Fast Lane


Scott Wills presents five scandalous stories from the fast lane.  Stories that not only made tabloid headlines in New Zealand but in some cases around the world.

These are stories of people seduced by the good life – the best of everything.  But there was a price to pay.  Some just didn’t want to work for it and chose a life of crime while others found themselves thrust under the media microscope.

This documentary “Scandals: Stories from the Fast Lane” follows the celebrity drug dealer, Kim Van Lent who police believed at one time was the largest importer of ‘E’ in this country.

Amanda Jane Scott, raised in an affluent area of Christchurch and found herself driving the getaway car for a gang of bank robbers and Jonathan Powell, con man on the run from Interpol.

Scandal at 40,000 feet investigating the air travel business and Robin Reynolds, the kiss and tell model who spent a wild weekend with pop star Robbie Williams tells how that brief fling changed her life and what it was like being suddenly thrust under the media spot light.



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Production Details

Producer: Stephen Campbell

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Director: Stephen Campbell

Researchers: Julianne Evans, Kirsten Warner

Online editor: Brendan Gibbons

Offline editor: Damon Fepuleai

Production managers: Mandy Harris, Toni Williams

Production coordinator: Julia Parnell

Production assistant: Mick Andrews

Camera: Paul Clark, Steve Fisher, Sean Rundle

Sound: Nick Treacy, Brent Iremonger, Dave Hurley, Craig O’Reilly

Presented by: Scott Wills

Production accountants: Glenda Paterson, Jeanette Wiles-Crombie


Funded by: TVNZ