Thanks Mum


We’ve all had the chance to see many of the celebrities we know and love through their various achievements in the entertainment, sporting and music worlds.  But how much do we really know about them as people like us?

“Thanks Mum” is an opportunity to see these very same celebs in an environment that we have rarely seen them in before – with the women that created them, moulded them, and sent them out into the world.

A chance to see them as the kids they once were, and a chance for them to tell us how these women shaped their lives.

This documentary is a chance to find out all about these celebs and the things which are most important to their relationship with their mothers – their most embarrassing moment, worst moment, biggest crisis, biggest joy.

We’ve probably read or heard about different highs and lows through the tabloids and womens mags, but here’s an opportunity to see the same situations from a personal and frank point of view, and how their mums helped them though it, or how they felt about it.

We’ll also discover how their mum’s felt about their choice of career path, how they supported them (or not!). If they thought their son or daughter made the right decision.  How they handled it.  Their mum’s pride in their success.  Their commiseration in their failures.

And how is their relationship with their mum’s now? What do they enjoy doing together? Do they get along? Do they still disagree? How do they resolve issues? Have they grown closer over the years? Has having children of their own affected their relationship? 


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Production Details

Exec producer: John Harris

Director: Jo Raj

Researcher: Sandra Roberts

Writer: Paul Hagan

Online Editors: Greg Moore, Hamish Hill

Production manager: Chris Erson

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ