Big Breasted Women


Is having big breasts every women’s dream?  Some men might think so.  But ask women who are over-endowed and many will tell you big breasts are a curse not a blessing.

Big-breasted women are singled out for “titillating” comments, men talk to their chests instead their faces, bras and clothes don’t fit, and the sheer weight of big breasts can be a pain in the neck.

In the one-hour documentary The Private Lives of Big Breasted Women, we discover what life is like for women who stand out from the crowd because they have oversized breasts.

“The thing that struck me most about this documentary is just how many women there are with excessively large breasts – something I had been totally unaware of,” says director Kate Peacock.

She was also amazed how many were keen to front up for the cameras to get their gripes off their chest.

A common complaint from these women was the unwanted attention and the rude comments their breasts attracted.  Another was the lack of understanding about how large breasts impinge on your life.

“Nobody seems to think about the suffering that these women go through both emotionally and physically,” says Kate.  “Many have very low esteem and little confidence.  Also they are extremely limited in what they can do.  For some, half an hour of ironing can be more than they are able to endure, leaving their back and neck in such extreme pain they have to lie down.”



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Production Details

Producer: Rachel Stace

Thanks to: The women who shared their stories and their families

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director/Writer:  Kate Peacocke

Script Polisher: Belinda Todd

Researcher: Rachel Stace

Offline Editor: Roger Yeaxlee

Online Editor: Greg Moore

Production manager: Aroha Shelford

Production coordinator: Amy Toogood-Irving

Camera: Simon Ellis, Murray Milne

Sound: Wendy Adams, Jan McKinlay, Mary Graham, Tim Brott

Sound Mix: John Prinsloo

Graphics: Tony Palm, Eamon Doyle, Elaine Ferguson

Narrator: Derek Judge

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funding: TVNZ