Born to be Big


Born to be Big is an in-depth look into the problem of child obesity that is consuming New Zealand.  One in seven of our children are now obese.  This documentary asks what’s going wrong, who’s responsible and what can be done to save our children.

Kiwis are eating themselves to death.  More then 1000 New Zealanders die each year from obesity, more than double the annual road toll.  However unlike the vocal and visible campaigns to reduce road fatalities, the dangers of obesity are not heard, it is the silent killer.

We now live in societies where there is a low level of physical activity and where the availability of sugary, salty and fatty food has increased.

The environment that New Zealand children are growing up in, is now referred to as obesegenic….where it is easier to gain weight than to lose it.  This is a worldside trend.  Just recently the Word Health Organisation named obesity as the new number one health problem facing the world…. previously it was starvation.

This documentary is an in-depth and deeply personal look at the next generation, who desperately need help.

Our special thanks in making this documentary to Rodney, Lauren, Logan, Jamie and their families.



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Production Details

Producer: Karren Woolly

Thanks to: Rodney, Lauren, Logan, Jamie and their families

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director: Maree Quinn

Researchers: Jane Reeves, Kirsten Warner

Editors: John Fraser, Guy Brinsdon

Production manager: Mandy Harris

Production coordinator: Amy Irving

DOP: Murray Milne

Sound: Ant Nevison, Terry King

Narrator: Mark Ferguson

Production accountant: Jeanette Wiles-Crombie

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ