Imagine living life without legs! Legless is a provocative and frank documentary giving an insight into the world of four people who are “legless” and refuse to let it slow them down.

“Before meeting these people, I imagined a life without legs to be among the worst of disabilities to cope with,” says Greenstone Pictures director Julie Colquhoun (who also directed the acclaimed TV3 documentary BIG). “I couldn’t have been more wrong.  These people and their families have never focused on their shortcomings.  They’ve steered clear of the term disabled, learned ways to adapt to a normal lifestyle, and have just gone for it.  The last thing they want is pity.  Nor do they want to be labeled as heroic.  But you couldn’t help but feel humbled by their pluck. “The other thing that impressed me,” adds Julie, “was their amazing tolerance of people staring at them.  Justine puts it down to natural curiosity, Gavin is so used to it he hardly even notices it now.  Debbie always welcomes people coming up and asking her questions.  “And they all had a great sense of humour.  Sometimes it’s deliciously black and can seem shocking to an outsider.  As a child, Debbie delighted in telling strangers her legs were no good so they were cut off and chucked in the rubbish bin”.



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Production Details

Producer: Rachel Stace

 Thanks to: Debbie and Nathan Mudgway, Gavin and Rebecca Foulsham, Justine Hunter, Cameron Leslie, and their families

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director: Julie Colquhoun

Researcher: Rachel Stace

Script polisher: Paul Hagan

Editor: Margaret Kelly

Online editor: Andrew Mortimer

Production manager: Philippa Hall

Camera: Simon Ellis, Mark Summerville, Mike Jonathan, John Ramsay

Sound: Jan McKinlay, Don Anderson, Paula Beverstock, Tipene Rogers

Narrator: Merryl Main

Music: Ian Morris/Tim Pattinson

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3 & New Zealand On Air