Still Big


We first met Miranda Gray-Taufa in June 2000 when she made a courageous appearance in a documentary giving viewers an intimate look at her body and her life as an obese person.  Now 6 years on, Miranda is back.  Weighing 259kgs, she’s Still Big, still battling….. but  hoping to be transformed by a life saving operation.

Miranda relies on her daughters to care for her – to help her toilet, bath, dress and travel.  But Miranda’s daughters are growing up, becoming teenagers and wanting to live their own lives.   

Miranda is desperate to have an apronectomy at Waikato Hospital, in which surgeons would remove a 50kg flab that hangs down to Miranda’s knees and which makes walking difficult.   With the 50 kg flab removed Miranda would be more mobile and able to care for her self, but at Miranda’s size, it’s a risky operation.  Miranda pleads with the surgeon “It’s a win win situation for me – if I have the surgery my daughters will be free and if I die during the surgery my daughters will be free”.

We join Miranda for a year – a catalytic year of desperation to lose weight, children growing up, boyfriends, teenage pregnancy, and the death of Sharon a dear friend and partner in the obesity battle.   A year of struggle, determination and courage.

Miranda’s raw honesty gives a very intimate insight into a very complex disease – obesity.



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Production Details

Producer: Karren Woolly

Thanks to: Miranda Gray-Taufa & her whanau

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director/writer: Penny Ashbrook

Field director: Sue Younger

Offline editor: Dermot McNeillage

Production manager: Bronwyn Bezuidenhout

Production assistants: Gemma Murcott, Karen Wong

Camera: Paul Clark, Simon Ellis

Sound: Deb Frame, Ant Nevison

Narrator: Truda Chadwick

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and TV3