Three’s Company


What is it like to have three babies at once?  And what is it like to be a triplet?  Is it like being one of three peas in a pod?  “Three’s Company” in the Private Lives series gives a fascinating insight into life with some New Zealand triplets.

We’ll meet parents of triplet babies and see how they cope in those early days at home.  We’ll also see several sets of triplets – from five-year-olds starting school to identical teenagers who do aerobics in triplicate – to the remarkable “3P’s” – Pamela, Patricia and Pauline, a set of fifty-plus triplet sisters, who think alike, never disagree and are essentially three parts of one whole.

“Three’s Company” director Rebecca Mellor says that when she first met the “3P’s”, she was “thrown”. “They were all dressed alike, right down to their shoes and necklaces.  I could tell Patricia apart as I had spent some time with her separately but the only way I could tell Pamela and Pauline apart was by their engagement rings which were slightly different.

When kids come in threes it can mean chaos – and a lifetime of fun and confusion – “Three’s Company” – the Private Lives of Triplets


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Production Details

Producer: Tony Manson

Co producer/researcher: Rachel Stace

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director: Rebecca Mellor

2nd unit Directors: Julie Colquhoun, Rachel Stace

Editor: Andy McGrath

Online editor: Gordon Goodinson

Sound engineer: Simon Weir

Production manager: Toni Williams

Camera: Simon Ellis, Paul Clark, Steve Fisher, Michael O’Connor, Feb Faith, Murray Milne

Sound: Tony Woollams, Todd Ranson, Andy McGrath, Brent Iremonger

Narrator: Mark Leishman

Production accountants: Glenda Paterson, Jeanette Wiles

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and TVNZ