The documentaries in Greenstone’s Society strand take a look at a wide range of issues effecting New Zealand Society today. We tell stories and experiences of so-called average Kiwis, topics include drugs, drinking and its effect on families, dealing with birth and death and the challenges of troubled youth.


A Drinking Problem

Former party girl and now teetotaller Kerre Woodham investigates why New Zealand women are drinking more than ever before.


Black Spots, White Crosses

Black Spots, White Crosses is the story of New Zealand’s most dangerous stretches of road.


Boozed & Busted

Boozed and Busted is 2 x 1/2 hour specials following the regular and undercover work of the Traffic Alcohol Group (T.A.G)


Christmas Miracles

Four families who have been struck by tragedy at Christmas receive a surprise visit which changes their fortunes.


Decades in Colour

Decades in Colour on Prime TV 8.30pm Sunday 3rd April how we lived as ordinary Kiwis in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.


DNA and You

DNA holds many secrets about who you are. It can trace where you came from….


Drinking for New Zealand

One hour documentary – when does regular drinking become a problem?


Drugs at the Border

The shocking truth about the importation of drugs and the never-ending battle to catch the drug couriers and their bosses.


Fatal Fires

“Fatal Fires” reconstructs house fires, shows how and why people died …


Fence Jumpers

Fence Jumpers is a documentary that explores the lives of four gay men and women.



This documentary about the perils of accepting a ride with strangers tells the stories of three innocent victims who were murdered…


Just what the Doctor Ordered

In the documentary “Just what the Doctor Ordered” we see a fresh approach to health in the unique Hokianga district.


Keeping it Pure

How clean and green is New Zealand? It’s a controversial topic. Prime screened a major documentary series taking a comprehensive look at the good, the bad and the ugly. A Greenstone team travelled New Zealand to film the story.


One Careful Lady Owner

Celebrating women’s love of cars.


Out in the Garden

Presented by arborist Simon Miller – fabulous gardens, entertaining gardeners and useful gardening tips from gay gardeners.


So You Think You're a Good Driver

A closeup look at New Zealanders behind the wheel.


Summer Camp: USA

Summer Camp USA is a documentary following a group of young New Zealanders throughout the madness that is camp.


Teen Sex

A frank look at what teenagers believe about sex – and what they practise…


The Outsiders

Greenstone’s stunning new series challenges at-risk teenagers to turn their lives around..


The Quick and the Dead

The documentary “The Quick and the Dead” follows boy (and girl) racers, night drag racing on city streets … and inevitably – tragedy.


The Real Office

The Real Office is an expose of the working day. Are office workers being preyed on by employers?


When Children Kill

Over the last five years, 40 children aged between 12 and 18 were jailed for murder or manslaughter in New Zealand.


When the Landlord Comes to Call

Housing managers cope with disappearing tenants, parties and abuse.


When Women Kill

Two women convicted of murder talk about their life and crimes.