A Drinking Problem


Former party girl Kerre Woodham gave up drinking five years ago.  Now she wants to know why New Zealand women are drinking more than ever before and modelling their drinking patterns on the binge drinking behaviour of Kiwi men.

Throughout this documentary “A Drinking Problem” Kerre talks to four women who share their drinking history and finds that those women at greatest risk of alcohol dependency are teenagers and white middle-class, middle-aged women.

Musician and NZ Idol host Fiona McDonald shares her story of giving up drinking at the young age of 23, after realising that her dependency on alcohol was taking control of her life and preventing her from addressing other issues.

Kerre also talks to Mechele Harron, who at 18 moved into an old coalminer’s house in Ngaruawahia with some girl friends and spent two years of her life in one long, alcohol fuelled party.  The pressure to drink in small town New Zealand is too much for many young girls like Mechele, and when they start drinking, they drink like the boys.

Penny Treadwell realised she was an alcoholic at 42, but as a white middle-class woman, she was a secret drinker and few people close to her realised the damage she was doing to herself.

And Pakuranga mother Biddy Wilson was never an alcoholic, but she spent 10 years of her life drinking to keep up with the Mongrel Mob and raised two children while in the grips of an alcohol dependent lifestyle.

Kerre will also take viewers through a 10-point test compiled by the Alcohol Advisory Council, which will help women gauge how their drinking habits are effecting their lives.



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Producer: Wendyl Nissen

Exec producer: Irene Gardiner

Network execs: Jude Callen, Annie Murray

Director: Wendyl Nissen

DV Director: Kate Cresswell

Researchers: Wendyl Nissen, Susie Lyons

Audio Post: Terry Murphy

Online Editor: Daniel Habedank

Production manager:

Camera: Paul Richards, Julia Boshier

DV Camera: Lisa Burd

Sound: Ant Nevison, Craig O’Reilly, Phil Donovan, David Madigan

Presenter: Kerre Woodham

Titles & Graphics: Richard Johnson

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV2 and New Zealand on Air