Black Spots, White Crosses


Black Spots, White Crosses is the story of New Zealand’s most dangerous stretches of road.

One of these pieces of highway in the Waikato, has claimed more lives than any other.  On average, someone dies violently on this piece of highway every three weeks.  It looks more like a graveyard than a roadside – the many white crosses mark places where life has ended suddenly and where families come to grieve.

New Zealand has, for the size of our population, the highest road toll in the world.  What is worse is that we keep killing ourselves in exactly the same spots, over and over again.

If drivers choose to drink alcohol, speed, drive unsafe cars, or take their mind off the task of driving carefully – they are much less likely to get away with it on the Waikato highway, and they too may find their last journey through the blacksport marked by a white wooden cross on the side of the road.


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Production Details

Producer: Tony Manson

Exec producer: John Harris

Director: Sean Duffy

Researchers: Bridgid Davis, Julianne Evans

Editor: Peter Roberts

Online Editors: Alan Cornish, Phil Lovrin

Production managers: Philippa Lellman, Judith Trye

Camera: Andy Coleman, Peter Mayo, Murray Milne, Chris Terpstra, Ian Beale, Mark Potter, Steve Roigard, Craig Wright

DOP: Swami Hansa

Sound: Malcolm Cromie, Myk Farmer, Mike Huddleston, Terry King, Don Mattewson

Sound Mix: Matt Heine

Narrator: Truda Chadwick

Location Assistant: Stephanie Herron

Graphics: Emil Woodruffe

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand On Air & TVNZ