DNA and You


DNA holds many secrets about who you are. It can trace where you came from, where you’ve been, and what might happen to you in the future. It’s the new crime solving wonder tool, featuring in most high profile crimes pinpointing the identity of murderers and rapists. DNA is a major theme in every TV cop show, but what is DNA and what does it have in store for you?

DNA and You talks to ESR Scientist Sally Ann Harbison who is a world leader in forensic crime solving ….there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the essential link between a criminal’s DNA makeup and the crime they’ve committed as she’s been heading the New Zealand DNA forensics team for 16 years


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Production Details

Producer: Wendyl Nissen

Exec producer: Irene Gardiner

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director: Kate Peacocke

Researcher: Geraldine Johns

Online editor: Andrew Mortimer

Offline editor: Roger Yeaxlee

Production manager: Lornelle Henry

Production assistant: Karen Bunting

Camera: Clint Bruce

Sound: Ant Nevison, Nick Treacy, Andy Thomas

Narrator: Joel Tobeck

Series title music: Ian Morris/Tim Pattinson

Music: Jed Town

Graphics: Blair Walker

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and TV3