Drinking for New Zealand


It’s easy enough to picture the caricature of a bumbling drunk, but a functioning drinker is a little harder to focus on, hidden behind our cultural right to a beer after the game, wines at the office, or shooters on a big night out.  But what’s “heavy” or  “excessive”? And when does regular drinking become a problem?

They’re not simple questions, and the characters of this one hour documentary “Drinking for New Zealand” reflect that complexity. They’re people who are often the life of the party, they have good jobs, and families who love them. They’re also guilty of one thing – drinking to excess. And through their personal stories we attempt to answer some of the questions which surround drinking for New Zealand.


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Production Details

Producer: Derek Stuart

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director: Dave Crerar

Researcher: Rachel Antony

Online editor: Andrew Mortimer

Offline editor: Vaughan Bayer

Production manager: Megan Douglas

Production coordinator: Melanie Webber

Production assistant: Rachel Cooke

Camera: Paul Clark

Sound: Andrew Lovrin

Series title music: Ian Morris/Tim Pattinson

Graphics: Andrew Mortimer

Production accountant: Sue Airey

Funded by: TV3