Fence Jumpers


“This is not normal to be married and to have been what I perceived to be heterosexual all my life and then to suddenly be in love with a woman…” (Deb – interviewee)

“…so that’s how I came crashing out of the closet.  I didn’t jump a fence, I came crashing through the fence.” (David – interviewee)

Fence Jumpers is a documentary that explores the lives of four gay men and women who have all left their marriages to embrace their true identities.   Exploring the issues that surround sexuality, this documentary discusses the notion that sexuality is not a polarized identity, however much we would like it to be. Instead the idea that an individual’s sexual identity falls on a continuum is explored and illustrated through the four main characters, their partners and their families.  All of the main characters believed that they were ‘normal’ heterosexual beings while growing up. They each lived up to there own familial and societal expectations of marriage and children, before realizing their true homosexual identities and embraced their sexuality, despite the consequences.  All parties are forced to begin their lives again and “Fence Jumpers” offers a unique and inspiring perspective on the total devastation that divorce can potentially cause. This documentary leaves the audience to contemplate the choices we make in life – unable to choose our sexuality, we can all choose to be happy.



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Production Details

Exec producers: Nigel Snowden, Derek Stuart

Psychotherapist: Phillip Culbertson

Psychologist: Sara Chatwin

Network execs: Carolyne Meng Yee, Jude Callen

Directors: Dan Henry, Peter Allison

Editors: Jon Kirk, Torin Mathias

Production managers: Ashley Stuart-Coupland, Megan Douglas

Production assistants: Rachel Cooke, Miranda McCormick

Camera: DJ Stipsen, John Ramsey

Sound: Ant Nevison, Terry King

Production accountant: Peter Imri

Funded by: TVNZ