Just what the Doctor Ordered


Rawiri Paratene takes us to the Hokianga, his home – to discover the spirit of this place in Just What the Doctor Ordered.  Rawiri attends a fundraiser to buy beds for the old people’s ward.  He looks at unemployment and poverty and what is happening to cope with those problems.  He also looks at their local hospital – Rawene Hospital perched above where he was born and discovers a fresh approach to health in the unique Hokianga district.

Rawene Hospital where families can stay with you and cook and share your meals and local clinics are run.  Rawiri meets up with Ann Morgan, their local health nurse who is on duty pretty much day and night.  Ann is on the road a lot of the time and it is all free of charge as she visits families and patients at home.  Dr Tony Birch who arrived for a 3 week locum and is still there 21 years later.

Pioneer, Dr George Smith set up the free health service in the Hokianga and that same service is still going strong 50 years later and has been copied around the country by other communities.

The Hokianga tackle the sigma of being unemployed and Rawiri finds a unique sense of community – not a lot of money but a great wealth of things that money can’t buy – the harbour, the bush, the ocean and the land and finds that it is not just the free health service that keeps the people healthy but the place itself.


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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Director: Martyn Sanderson

Writers: Martyn Sanderson, Rawiri Paratene

Researcher: Mark Derby

Online editor: Paul Hamilton

Offline editor: Tim Woodhouse

Production manager: Kirsty Cooper

Production assistant: Mandy Harris

Camera: Mike Hardcastle, Fred Renata

Sound: Ruth Kaupua

Narrator: Rawiri Paratene

Music: Stephen McCurdy

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3, NZ On Air