One Careful Lady Owner


Women and cars have had a long and glamorous history together.  The relationship has been based on a commercial aesthetic – beautiful women selling beautiful cars.  But women have moved from the bonnets to the drivers’ seats and they’ve slipped comfortably into the roles formerly reserved for men; many women love style, they love speed, they love power, they love engines and they love their cars.

And that’s the big difference: whereas men seem to give priority to power and speed, for women it is more of a love affair.  Men will often trade in their old car for a sleeker, younger, racier model … but women tend to hand onto their old car just as they would remain faithful to an old friend.  To them a car is much more than just a machine.

The title of this documentary from Greenstone Pictures comes from a phrase sometimes seen in the Cars For Sale columns.  Those four words – One Careful Lady Owner – seem to sum up the universal acceptance that women bestow a lot of care on their cars.  The phrase also suggests that women drive their cars slower than men – but that ain’t necessarily so, as this documentary reveals.

Presenter Theresa Healey, formerly ‘Carmen’ on Shortland Street, and the proud owner of a trusty VW, introduces a range of women, young and old, who have a special love for their cars.

These women and others in the documentary shatter some of the myths about what ‘one careful lady owner’ is really like.  It turns out that women and their cars are a lot like men and their cars … they love many of the things that men love about cars, but with more passion.



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Production Details

Producers: Ali Duffey, John Harris

Presenter: Theresa Healey

Researcher: Stephanie Hutchinson

Grip: Annie Frear

Online Editor: Paul Hamilton

Editor: Myles Thomas

Production managers: Erina Tamepo, Mandy Harris

Production assistant:

Cinematographers: Matt Bowkett, Murray Milne

Sound: Ant Nevison, Rob Schreiber

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3 & NZ On Air