So You Think You’re a Good Driver


New Zealanders are a nation of car lovers.  To us our cars are a symbol of our coming of age; they carry us along the road to adulthood.

Cars have come to represent independence, power and freedom.

But we’re also a nation of some of the worst drivers in the developed world.

For example.  Kiwis owe the department of courts a whopping $402 million in unpaid   fines.  The majority of these fines, approximately 75%, are for parking; speeding and other driving related offences. 

‘So you think you’re a good driver’ takes a close up look at kiwis behind the wheel to find out just how bad we are.

We witness some truly outrageous behavior as we go on patrol with the New Zealand Police’s Motorway Patrol team.  We see just how desperate driving can get when crime is added to the mix as the Police Helicopter Eagle chases two wanted men.  And we hitch a ride with Auckland tow truck driver Karlene Hibberd as she goes on her daily rounds.

Plus, we hand four average Kiwi drivers over to Mark Copper of the Ford Advanced Drivers School.   Mark puts our drivers though their paces to find out just how they would react in an emergency situation and provides them with skills that could one day save their lives.



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Production Details

Producer: Catherine White

Thanks to: Thomas Baloghy, Dave Lockett, Colin Gibson, Vanessa Regan, Mark & Jill Cooper – Ford Advanced Drivers School, Jacqueline Smart, NZ Police, LTSA


Exec producer: Tony Manson

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director: Stephen Campbell

Script Polisher: Paul Hagan

Writer: Stephen Campbell

Researcher: Brenda Kiernan

Online Editor: Guy Brinsdon

Offline Editor: Kristin Leys

Production manager: Chris Erson

Production assistant: Ruth Clarkson

Camera: Simon Bevers, Raymond Hawes

Sound Mix: Simon Weir

Narrator: Derek Judge

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson, Jeanette Wiles-Cromie

Funded by: TVNZ