Summer Camp: USA


Summer Camp USA is a documentary following a group of young New Zealanders throughout the madness that is camp. This is the “big OE” with a difference and it is also the first time some of the kiwis have been overseas – only to discover that the America of camp is very different to the USA of television comedies and drama (though the experience is both comedic and dramatic).

As much a part of American life as baseball and sit-coms, there are thousands of summer camps operating across the USA. And every year, more than 500 young New Zealanders inject a little kiwi can-do into this American cultural institution.

Summer Camp USA was filmed over 11 weeks at International Sports Training Camp in Pennsylvania, where the six 20-something kiwis joined 80 other staff from the USA and around the world in looking after 270 lively and loud American children.  The kiwis have their accent mocked; battle to teach touch rugby and cricket, while trying to come to terms with Lacrosse; take a wide-eyed weekend trip to nearby New York City; ration precious home comforts like Marmite; make big life decisions; occasionally cry; sleep little; and laugh a lot. 


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Production Details

Producer/director: Rachel Antony


Exec producers: Nigel Snowden/Derek Stuart

Network exec: Carolyn Meng-Yee

Director/camera: Stephen Baker

Story Consultant: Peter Allison

Editor: Vaughen Bayer

Production manager: Megan Douglas

Production assistant: Wendy Tetley

Director/Camera: Stephen Baker

Narrator: Mike Hall

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Funded by: TVNZ