This documentary in Greenstone’s The Business of Crime series “Burglary” gives an unsettling insight into the business of burglary, and the mind and methods of burglars.  Included is surveillance footage of offenders caught in the act….and interviews with reformed burglars, some of whom believe they are modern-day “Robin Hoods”.  Ex-burglar Dan Dudson does a star turn when he checks out a house to demonstrate how a burglar would enter…and what the pickings would be.

Two thousand feet above Auckland’s central suburbs a Police helicopter patrols – searching the streets below for unwelcome visitors.  A high tech response to a low tech epidemic.  Burglars break into 50,000 New Zealand homes a year. As every victim knows, it’s not just a matter of property.  It’s a violation.  Of their home, their privacy – and their peace of mind. For the burglar it’s just business – and easy money and the business of Burglary.


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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Director: Mark McNeill

Researcher: Leigh Elliott

Audio Post Production: Byron Smith

Offline Editor: Tim Woodhouse

Online Editor: Justin Cockerill

Production manager: Erina Tamepo

Additional production: Mandy Harris

Sound: Rob Schreiber, Anthony Nevison, John McNicholas, Craig Perry

Narrator: Jill Brinsdon

Series Liaison: Kathy Sunderland