Secrets of the Car Thieves


Documentary in The Business of Crime series “Secrets of the Car Thieves” goes behind the scenes and into the lives of car thieves.  In candid, never-seen before interviews, the thieves share their tricks of the trade,  right down to how they spot a likely looking target in the street, note down the license number, track it down and wait for a chance to steal it.  Made for Inside New Zealand series screening on TV3.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Year of screening: 1999

Producer John Harris

Series executive producer Sue Woodfield

Director Mark McNeill

Researchers Trevor Conn, Leigh Elliott, Leigh Hart

Online editor Andy McGrath

Offline editor Scott Flyger

Sound Mix Neil Newcombe

Graphics Steve Thomson

Production managers Kathleen Kimi, Karren Woolly

Camera Yves Simard, Murray Milne, Mark Potter

Sound Peter Brebner, Brad George

Narrator John Leigh

Runner Rachelle de Basin

Series title music Ian Morris

Series graphic design Andrew RA McLeod

Funded by New Zealand on Air and TV3