Sex, Lies and a Million Dollars


Just days before Christmas 2000, a spectacular heist was carried out in the middle of a Wellington morning rush hour.

The robbers got away with nearly a million dollars in a crime so well planned and executed that none of the passersby noticed a thing – despite the robbery occurring just metres from Willis St.

The crime scene was also in full view of the Wellington Central Police Station, located just a few hundred metres away. That was just one of the factors that pointed to an unusual audacity and arrogance amongst these thieves.

Sex Lies and a Million Dollars, tells the story of how the thieves did it and how in the end the almost ‘perfect’ crime was unraveled by common human failings – lust, greed and jealousy.

The documentary uses dramatised recreations of the planning, robbery and the aftermath to reveal new details about the crime and the gang behind it.


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Production Details

Producer: Jill Graham

Exec producer: Irene Gardiner

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director: Jill Director

Researcher/production consultant: David Lomas

Script: Jill Graham

Offline editor: Craig Lindsay

Online editor: Andrew Mortimer

Production manager/art director: Kate Cresswell

Production coordinator/casting: Bronwyn Bezuidenhout

DOP: Craig Wright

Sound: Ant Nevison, Shaun Logan

Narrator: Barry Jenkin

Soundtrack: Wayne Bell

Graphics: Blair Walker

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by:  New Zealand on Air and TV3