Stealing on the Job


New Zealand the way the world sees us, a little piece of South Pacific paradise. A friendly little country where old fashioned values like honesty and trust are still important. We like to believe it.  And it fits with our well-marketed clean green image. But image and reality are two different things.

Things are changing, theft is on the rise, and New Zealand society has a growing distrust of strangers and we are taking precautions.

We accept that we can no longer leave our houses unlocked, our cars are fitted with burglar alarms, and businesses are taking unprecedented steps to stop shoplifters.

But it’s not always the outsiders we should be watching. Often it’s those closest to us, those who we trust the most who are robbing us blind.

This is the grim truth about employees caught with their hands in the till in Stealing on the Job.


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Production Details

Producer: Karren Woolly

Exec producer: John Harris

Network executive: Sue Woodfield

Director: Dave Crerar

Researchers: Leigh Hart, Rachel Stace

Editor: Mark Taylor

Online editor: Steve Mountjoy

Production manager: Denene Marten, Kathleen Kimi

Camera: Tony Burrows. Yves Simard, Steve Orsbourn

Sound: Andy Thomas

Title Music: Ian Morris

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV3