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Greenstone’s children’s series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends Teenager Ben Wilson finds a mysterious emblem, which transforms him into super hero Captain Extraordinary, at the bottom of a river – that’s when his troubles begin… He has to learn to control his super powers, and fight an array of super villains including Dominic Renfield, who heads the evil organisation Nemesis. Ben (played by Carl Dixon) has the erratic assistance of his pal Roy Bottle (played by Patrick Morrison), the love of his life Vicki Van Horton (Hannah Marshall), and orphan-with-an-attitude Wired (Robyn MacLean). Captain X’s wise and surprisingly athletic mentor is Harry ‘The Green Termite’ (played by David McPhail). On the dark side are Renfield (Stuart Devenie) and the beautiful but treacherous Ice (Tyler Jane Mitchel). The Amazing Extraordinary Friends was devised by Stephen Campbell, and 39 half hour episodes have been filmed for TV2.  

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The third season of The Amazing Extraordinary Friends finds BEN WILSON, aka Captain X, at the top of his game.  He has defeated an Android Army and brought peace to a troubled galaxy.  He has reunited the world’s remaining superheroes and single handedly started the new age of heroes.  But unbeknown to Ben a new evil has come to City Central – a villain with powers equal to X and who can destroy them all.

While attempting to destroy the Alien Android Fleet, Captain X was exposed to a massive blast of gamma radiation. The blast creates a shadowy entity from a mysterious energy known as dark matter. The entity quickly takes the form of a sinister replica of Captain Extraordinary, identical to him in every way except that its super suit is jet black and it is pure evil.

In an epic battle the AEF and Captain X manage to defeat Dark Matter but a massive shockwave of neutrino energy sweeps across the globe and awakes powers within normal everyday people.

Meanwhile, Captain X’s arch enemy, Dominic Renfield and his frosty associate, ICE regroup after their defeat at the end of season two.  They set up operations in a new hideout, a  hollowed out volcano off the  coast of  City Central, and begin to recruit an army of super villains, some old and some new to do battle with X and the AEF.

Renfield begins a global search for the remaining piece of dark matter. He enlists the help of Doctor Victor Zeno to build a device with the power to amplify the energy contained in Dark Matter neutralizing the powers of all the world’s superheroes. With his army of Super Villains safely protected from the machine, Renfield releases a massive energy wave that sweeps the globe.

Captain X and the Amazing Extraordinary Friends are rendered powerless, the insignia is now useless and Ben must find the power within himself to lead the AEF into one final battle against Renfield and his army. Ben must face Renfield not as Captain X but as himself.


For teachers and pupils, we’ve prepared an educational resource which reveals some of the secrets behind the making of our hit series (click here)  The Amazing Extraordinary Friends. The resource has been prepared by a senior teacher for use in the classroom.

The Amazing Extraordinary Friends  is a multi-award winning series.



Production Details

Cast & Production Personnel Series 3

Main Cast:

Captain X: Carl Dixon

Roy Bottle: Patrick Morrison

Vicki Van Horton: Hannah Marshall

Ice: Tyler Jane Mitchell

Wired: Robyn Maclean

Renfield: Stuart Devenie

Green Termite: David McPhail

Dave Ruben: John Leigh

Production personnel

Producer: Matt McPhail

Exec producer: Stephen Campbell, John Harris

Network execs: Kathleen Anderson, Tina McLaren

Directors: Andrew Merrifield, Jon Bridges, Steve Saussey, Simon Raby

Writers: Stephen Campbell, Paul Yates, Rob Cassells, Jon Bridges, Kathryn Burnett

Editors: Tom Ealges, Jochen Fitzherbert

Production manager: Laina Cheung

Production coordinator: Angela Williams

Production assistant: Sacha Willetts

DOP: Dave Camerson

Sound: Adam Martin

Music:  Tom McLeod

VFX supervisor: Andrew Shanks

Art dept coordinator: Sophie Elworthy

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and TVNZ