Bella is a young transsexual who dreams of glamour from behind prison walls – in a world without women, Bella is Queen.

Bella’s tattooing skills and sharp wit allow her to survive amongst the male inmates, but her determination to behave and look like a woman makes her a target for prison-officer Goff.

When Goff attempts to destroy her dreams, Bella takes a courageous stand. (Short film) Winner, Regensburg Short Film Festival 1999.



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Production Details

Production personnel

Producers: John Harris, Philippa Mossman

Director: Karen Nobes

1st A.D. Robin Murphy

2nd A.D. Nicola Rush

Art director: Aurelian Campbell

Costume designer: Jane Hollands

Wardrobe: Megan Otto

Art dept. assistant: Emily Harris

Make up design: Samantha Pattison

Production secretary: Andrea Morgan

Locations manager: Jared Connon

Unit manager: Mandy Harris

On set advisor: Mikki Te Amo

Foley artist: Simon Adams

Writer: Bill Payne

Editor: Eric de Beus

DOP: Rewa Harre

Sound: Mike McCree

Sound design: Chris Burt

Composer: Steve Cournane and Graeme Collins (Bella’s Song)

Funded by: The New Zealand Film Commission



Bella played by: Mitch Thomas

Goff played by: Tim Gordon

Elvis: David Te Rare

Chief McGinty: Gilbert Goldie

Seaman: John Watson

Mangin: Sinisa Copic

Guards: Kim McLeod, Jason Joyt, Peter Bell

Bird: Stepehen “Max” Cooper

Inmates: Thom Tino, Wes Priest, Mikki Te Amo, Baine Huggett, Baz Te Hira, Wilson Cullen, Harold Makoare, James Pihama