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AEF360° is a brand new, multi-platform digital experience that takes a young, savvy audience into the whole world of The Amazing Extraordinary Friends. This exciting portal gives all AEF fans worldwide a unique opportunity to discover and create new content, interact with the show, its cast – and its makers – and even help to shape the stories as they unfold.


Meet The Green Termite and Renfield as youngsters and find out how they ended up on opposite sides of the superhero fence.

Origins takes us right back to the very beginning of the age of heroes. It tells the story of how a young Harry Seaforth (The Green Termite) first discovers the super insignia, the source of Captain X’s extraordinary powers. We learn how Dominic Renfield’s insatiable lust for power caused him to turn his back on all that he loved and betray his life long friend. And we witness Harry as he transforms into the Green Termite for the first time and unites a small motley band of heroes to form the very first Amazing Extraordinary Friends.

Meet The Green Termite and Renfield as youngsters and find out how they ended up on opposite sides of the superhero fence.

And in Wired having lived her entire life believing her parents had been killed by Nemesis, Wired is shocked to discover her father, The Atomiser, is still alive. Wired learns that he is being held captive by the ‘uber’ nerd super villain Computronx, who intends on using The Atomiser’s powers to destroy every computer in City Central. The AEF managed to foil Computronx’s plan, but they fail to stop him from escaping into cyberspace with The Atomiser. Wired launches herself into cyberspace where she must navigate her way through a treacherous maze of villains, deadly traps and false leads in her quest to rescue her father.


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Production Details

Main Cast:

Wired: Robyn Maclean

Green Termite:  Ryan Bennett

Max: Bradley Patten

Renfield: Tyler Read

Producer: Peter Clews

Created by: Stephen Campbell

Exec producer: Stephen Campbell, John Harris

Network exec: Kathleen Anderson, Tina McLaren

Director: Peter Haynes

Writers:  Peter Haynes, Angela Fitz-Wiliiam

Editor: Jochen Fitzherbert

Production manager: Tara Landry

Production assistant: Wairere Iti

DOP:  Richard Harling

Camera: Peter Haynes

Sound: Jeffrey Holdaway

Composer: Luke Fitzgerald

Visual Effects Compositor: Paul Jones

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ & NZ On Air