Secret Agent Men

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TV3’s kids comedy/drama Secret Agent Men takes viewers into an exhilarating and high-tech world of Kiwi super spies, suave secret agents and over-the-top villains. Secret Agent Men is a fast, funny and furious series that pays homage to the genre of spies and secret agents such as James Bond, the man from U.N.C.L.E and Austin Powers.  Except this time, the kids are in charge!

Set in suburban New Zealand, the serial follows the adventures of a team of Kiwi teenagers as they discover a surreal world where secret agents are battling an evil criminal organisation that wants to rule the world. To make life even more difficult, our young Kiwi super spies must also come to terms with all the big teen issues. Issues like weird parents, crazy teachers and friendship problems. It’s a quirky and off-beat series blending fantasy and comedy.

Secret Agent Men, created by Stephen J Campbell, was inspired by classic spy TV shows and movies like James Bond, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Mission Impossible, The Avengers and Austin Powers.

“With its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, Secret Agent Men delivers to its audience all that they have come to expect from spy shows and more,” promises Campbell. “There are super secret organizations – so secret that not even they know they exist.  There are hi-tech gadgets and larger-than-life villains … and the ingenious plots of world domination are 10% more ingenious.”

Campbell, Matt McPhail and Jon Bridges wrote Secret Agent Men in four months of frenzied action. The comedic trio are best known for their work in the popular and zany youth television series, Ice TV.

Secret Agent Men stars Nicko Vella as the hero, 15-year-old Jack West, a smart and quick witted, lad who likes to gets things done; a man of action. However his tendency to ‘leap before looking’ often lands him in trouble.

(26 half hour episodes screened on TV3.) (Judged Best Children’s/Youth Programme 2004 at the Qantas Media Awards 2004).


Production Details

Series 2 Production Personnel & Cast

Producer: Rachel Jean

Series Creator: Stephen Campbell


Jack West - Nicko Vella

Number 8 - Peter Feeney

Demo - Karl Willetts

Beth Ziegler - Alix Ashby

Amy Ziegler - Keporah Ashby

Y / Madeline Gristle - Robyn Maclean

DJ - Milo Cawthorne

Annabel West - Susan Brady

Number 1 - Louise Wallace

Number 3 - Todd Emerson

Aeon Straw - Peter Daube

Natasha Ovadatop - Anna Jullienne

Number 9 - Clint Sharplin

Lucan / Larze - Stephen Campbell

Motel Owner - Edwin Wright

1st Technician - Matt McPhail

2nd Technician - Geoffrey Cawthorn

Production Personnel

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Caterina De Nave

Director: Simon Raby

1st AD: Natasha Romaniuk

3rd AD: Eamon O’Sullivan

Location scout: Lyssa Judd

Gaffer: Paul Eversden

Best boy: Eddie Geddes

Production designer: Emily Harris

Art director: Sean Figgins

Props buyer: Paul Murphy

Costume designer: Scott Vaulcomb

Makeup artist: Jennifer O’Loughlin

Production production supervisors: Charles Knight, Sara Knight

Visual FX supervisor: Andrew Shanks

Sound designers: Lloyd Canham, Tim Pattison

Editor: Wayne Cook

Production manager: Lisa Cook

Production coordinator: Natasha Arnold

Production assistant: Sarah Murphy

Production runner: Helen Paterson

DOP: Dave Cameron

Camera: Dave Cameron, DJ Stipsen

Camera assist: Pip Lovell-Smith

Sound: Mark Storey

Music: Tom McLeod

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand on Air & TV3