10 Years Younger


Opinionated housewives, fitness fanatics, single mothers, builders and painters and even willful grannies. 10 Years Younger has them all, and in the process delivered a wide range of physical transformations, and discovered an exciting new group of style experts and cosmetic surgeons.

In Series two, Fiona McDonald reunites the old team, and brings in a few new players to tackle extreme crimes of wardrobe, hair, skin care and dentistry. Tackling some of their biggest challenges to date it’s fair to say this series the Ten Years team have no easy ride.

If you thought series one, makeover recipients were in a bad way, wait till you see the series two line up!  This time round the team encounter eighties rock chic hair, baggy saggy eyes, a floral dress overload, and teeth that would scare young children.  Two series produced.



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Production Details

Producer: Ashley Stuart Coupland

Presenter: Fiona McDonald

Thanks to: Toyota

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Tony Manson

Directors: Sacha Handsaker-Cath, Barry Caitcheon

Series editor: Didi Lagerqvist Holt

Production manager: Simone Goulding

Production assistant: Miranda Groenewegen

Camera: Paul Clark, Clinton Candy, Ryan Herron

Camera assist: Grant Findlay, Nick Barber

Sound: John Clark

Sound mix: Liquid Studios

Make up artists: Kylie Pryce, Alex Wharton

Narrator: John Leigh

Theme music: Liquid Studios

Graphics: Bruce Dunlop Associates

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Funded by: TVNZ