Ask Your Auntie


Ask Your Auntie is a panel show starring a revolving panel of some of the wisest, straight-from-the-shoulder, no-nonsense aunties Maoridom has to offer – offering straight-up advice in response to viewers’ personal-problem letters.

After a search for the country’s outstanding aunties, Ask Your Auntie features a five-woman line-up – a regular frontwoman to present and read the letters, plus four panelists, who revolved from a line-up of around 14 chosen aunties.

They replied to four or five problems letters per show, with each panelist taking turns to lead off, answering – in a mix of English and Te Reo – with a personal response she’s had time to consider for a few days before the show.

There is a wealth of auntie talent out there – from wise old aunties to famous aunties to young and cheeky ones – and the panel reflects a good cross-section of style, age, humour and attitude.  Four series of Ask Your Auntie produced by Greenstone.


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Production Details

Producers: Kim Muriwai, Mandy Toogood

Associate producer: Colin Hogg

Panel: Mabel Wharekawa-Burt, Aroha Hathaway, Christina Asher, Vanessa Rare, Rachel House, Kath Akuhata-Brown, Jenny-May Coffin, Hinewehi Mohi, Whetu Fala, Natashya Guttenbiel, and Veeshayne Armstrong

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Director: Mark Robinson

Researcher/writer: Pirimia Burger

Stylist: Rachelle Christian

Production manager: Lornelle Hentry

Production coordinator: Karen Bunting

Production assistant: Erana Maui

Production accountants: Glenda Paterson, Liz Goddard

Funded by: Maori Television