Bits in Between


Funerals, births, divorces, sexism, sexual hang-ups … nothing is taboo in the world of advertising.

The Bits in Between, a show that celebrates the humorous side of television advertising. Producer Nigel Snowden scoured the local and international pool of television ads to find the most amusing commercials on offer for this new series. Many of the advertisements have never been aired in this country before now. The series is the result of months of planning and numerous weekends spent smirking at screeds of funny ads.

Once the best commercials had been selected, they were divided into subgroups of topics and then edited into six half-hour programmes for TV3. New Zealand comedian Jeremy Elwood returns to host the show, introducing each programme, and then popping up throughout the show to link through to the next set of commercials. The links vary from quirky visual gags to longer mini-monologues. In short, The Bits in Between is a series featuring fresh ads, fresh jokes and a fresh new face. Like a good chip dip, it’s addictive.



Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Producer/director: Nigel Snowden

Set Designer: Robert Keys

Writers: Paul Hagan, Maryanne Percy

Rigger: Mark Tierney

Make up: Tracey Sharman

Production manager: Megan Douglas, Hilary Storey

Production assistant: Lornelle Henry

DOP: John Ramsey

Sound: Dave Hurley

Presenter: Jeremy Elwood

Stills photographer: Simon Young

Animations: Jeff Sanchez

Funded by: TV3