Demons to Darlings


Picture the scene: A harassed parent is dragging two small children around the supermarket. The little boy is whining about a toy he has seen in the second aisle. He keeps relentlessly on, raising the decibels with each ‘But I waaant it!!’. Finally he dissolves into a screaming tantrum complete with red face and kicking legs. The child is clearly out of control.  But what should the parent do now? 

Unfortunately we all recognise this distressing scenario whether from the shopper’s point of view or that of the parent. If we are parents, we know how unqualified we often feel for the job and how much we could sometimes do with a bit of outside help. If we are not parents, we wonder why anyone would bother after a scene like that. Enter Demons to Darlings in the form of Diane Levy, psychologist, experienced family therapist, mother of three and author of the classic ‘Of course I love you… NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!’

Diane is a very warm, confident person and will have a firm but fair ‘Granny knows best’ persona on the show.


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Production Details

Producer: Sarah Kinniburgh

Thanks to: Family Therapist, Diane Levy

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Director: Maria Bolger

Researcher: Rachael Fleury

Offline editor: Phil Holt

Online editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Hebe van Schagen

Production assistant: Rebekah de Beer-Lamont

Camera: Simon Ellis, Chris Matthews, Tom Walsh, Tom Fowlie

Sound: Daniel Loughnan, Mark Messenger

Makeup artist: Kylie Pryce

Narrator: Mike Hall

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Financial controller: Peter Imrie

Funded by TV3